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The Individual Comes First
We’ve designed the Bark-O-Lounge to be an intimate and safe environment where our canine charges will be treated as the individuals that they are. Each dog will first spend time with our staff and then be introduced to playmates one by one and assimilated into a play group with care. We’ll take the time to really get to know your pet and make certain that Rover really does feel at home in our home.

The Personal Touch
At the Bark-O-Lounge we take a personalized approach to caring for dogs and will get to know your dog nearly as well as we know our own. We believe that dogs are essentially social beings and thrive best in the care of loving human companions and in the company of fellow canines. We’ll help your dog become a good canine citizen through continual interaction with other dogs and people.

Exercise is Fundamental
We believe that dogs require daily opportunities to play and exercise to remain healthy in body and in spirit. We’ll gauge the exercise requirements of your dog based on his or her personality, breed, size, and age.

No More Lonely Days
The Bark-O-Lounge is an alternative to long days at home alone and an anecdote to loneliness and frustration that often leads to destructive or neurotic behavior, or a charged up dog that requires all of your time and attention at the end of a long day.

Partnership with Owners
We treat our human clients as our partners. At the Bark-O-Lounge, we take a holistic, personal approach and will work together with you to ensure both the well being of your dog and your peace of mind.

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